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Our reception is going to be on a military base and we have to have the drivers license # and state along with date of birth for all attending adults how would we word that on a inclosure card?


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First of all, I send my best wishes for a wonderful wedding.

I would gather this information on your Respond Card. Below is an example of respond card wording to use:
The favor of a reply is requested by (Date)
Accepts ___           Declines ___

Since the reception is at (Name of Military Base), the (Branch of Service) requests
the birth dates of all attending and the license plate number of the car being driven.
Birthdates ______________________________    License Plate ______________

As this is a government requirement, I feel you need to spell it out for your guests. I know that this is a lot of information for the respond card. If you are unable to select a card that will accomodate all this copy, you could enclose another insert card with this information, but I feel it belongs with the response information.

I hope this helps you out. Thank you for asking Everyday Etiquette and please do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions.

Ms. Carey

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