Definition of a Groom

A groom is the guy, the second most important person in the wedding, and the love of the bride’s life. If you can bring yourself to terms with being these three things before and during your wedding, your big day as well as the rest of your marriage will go a lot smoother.


Be there for your bride to be. While in most cases, the groom’s involvement in the wedding planning will be limited, from time to time every bride is going to need help dealing with the pressures of the process. Be her shoulder to cry on if she needs one. Stress levels will be high for both of you as the planning takes shape, so be understanding of that. She might become irritable as the stress mounts, so be there to allow her to vent her frustrations. Offer to perform some of the endless tasks she has on her list to alleviate some of the pressure. Sitting back doing nothing while she does all the work will not help your bride’s stress level. It will probably make it worse. Offer to help plan the wedding. Keep in mind that most brides have been planning their big day for years, so realize that she might already know exactly what she wants and how she wants it done. Even if you end up not helping, at least you offered. Let her know your opinions on the planning. If you really don’t agree with something she has planned, try asking her why she chose that particular item. The flowered head dresses she wants you both to wear might be a long-running family tradition. Better to ask the question than to just tell her how dumb you think you’re going to look in them and upset her when she’s already stressed out enough.

The Second Most Important Person in the Wedding

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. Your bride has dreamed of her wedding day since she started playing with Bridal Barbie when she was five. Most guys don’t start thinking of their wedding day until they’re actually engaged. While this does vary, remember that your bride-to-be will be the most beautiful bride in the history of the marital process. She’s the one that will walk down the aisle while everyone stands and watches, she’ll be the one to throw the bouquet to all her jealous friends, and she’ll be the one that glows the entire day. If everyone else is going to treat her like a queen on her wedding day, why should you be any different? You should be her biggest fan. Lay your pride aside and let her be the most important person in your world and everyone else’s on your wedding day.

Love of the Bride’s Life

The woman you are marrying is pledging the rest of her life to you. She deserves to be cherished, pampered, and loved with all you have. That beautiful person that you are going to be waking up next to for the rest of your life is a gift. Marriage vows do not lessen her worth, they make her that much more valuable. You worked awfully hard during the dating, engagement, and planning process to make her feel like your whole world. Why stop now? Remind her each and every day how extremely happy you are to be her friend and husband.

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