Christmas Themed Wedding – Part 3

Christmas Decorations

Keep in mind that if you are getting married in a church, it will most likely already be decorated for the holiday. Try to incorporate your wedding colors and theme with their decorations. This will save you money in your decorating budget. If the church is not decorated, deck the altar with potted red and white poinsettias. Candles also make terrific decorative accents, particularly at Christmas-time. Decorate the end of the pews with large velvety bows. Decorate the reception site with Christmas trees strung with tiny white fairy lights. If the outside entryway of the reception site has bushes, string them with lights. Greenery roping looks fantastic twisted around furniture. Decorate the walls and ceiling of your reception locale with glittery tulle and white twinkle lights. Another decoration idea for the walls would be simple pine or grapevine wreaths wrapped in or with sheer white bows edged with gold or silver. Mistletoe hung in strategic places and tied with a nice bow would also look festive and elegant. Sparkly snowflake cut-outs in varied sizes and hung from the ceiling at different lengths also adds a wintry look to your decor. Cover your tables with Christmas-colored tablecloths. Then place gold or silver glittery tulle on top of the tablecloth. Fill festive bowls with colored Christmas ball ornaments, pine cones and greenery for your centerpieces. Miniature Christmas trees decorated with satin ribbons and small ornaments would also be an elegant centerpiece idea. You can also create beautiful holiday centerpieces from different sized and colored pillar candles. Group the candles together on a round mirror and place glittery tulle or wide ribbon around the grouping. Finish off the centerpiece with pine cones and greenery. Another great candle centerpiece can be made from a small fish bowl filled with water. Add a few drops of red or green food coloring and add Christmas shaped (bells, angels, reindeer, ornament, etc.) floating candles.

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