Choosing the Cake Topper

Centuries ago, there was a baker’s daughter who was about to be married and wished to have a perfect emblem of her marriage. She asked her father to help her find the perfect symbol in order to indicate the love between her and the groom. After careful deliberation, the father finally came up with something that he thought would best signify the kind of love his daughter had for her groom. And so, when the wedding day came, the baker’s daughter was so happy because there stood, in the middle of the wedding cake, two miniature figurines dressed as a bride and groom. The father said that this was the perfect symbol for their marriage, in which the couple is the main attraction of the ceremony.

This story could be true, or just a fairy tale. No one can really be sure of how the tradition started for the wedding cake topper. Nevertheless, since its inception, a miniature bride and groom cake topper has long been the traditional symbol placed above the wedding cake for everybody to see. Today, wedding cake toppers are available in a wide array of designs, colors, and styles.

Choosing the right topper for your wedding cake can present a challenge. For those who need some help deciding on the right topper for their cake, here are a few tips:

  1. Never use wedding cake toppers that are made of plastics, especially the cheap ones. Even if you are on a tight budget, do not devalue your beautiful wedding cake with a cheap plastic cake topper.
  2. Be creative. Do not be constrained by the traditional (bride and groom) or classical (doves, bells, etc.) cake toppers. If you are a modem couple, consider a topper that reflects your and your partner’s interests or hobbies. Or incorporate your wedding theme into your topper. Do not be afraid to be different.
  3. Beware of heavy cake toppers, like those made from porcelain or resin. These need to be anchored down into the cake.
  4. For the budget conscious couple or if you want to fulfill that ‘something old’ tradition, you can use your parent’s wedding cake topper if it is still available. Using this family heirloom can add an extra special touch to your wedding.

Try choosing a wedding cake topper that reflects your personality, beliefs and lifestyle. Whichever design or style of cake topper you choose let it symbolize your love for each other.

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