Celestial Wedding Theme Part 2

Wedding Flower Ideas

Flower arrangements should match the color theme you have selected. Any type of flower will do, but choose those that will enhance your celestial theme. Ask the florist to add star and moon plant picks to your bouquets and flower arrangements, use silver or gold streamers to dangle from your bouquet.

Wedding Reception Decorations

Decorate the walls and ceiling of your reception locale with glittery tulle and white twinkle lights. Hang sparkly star cut-outs in varied sizes from the ceiling, making the stars fall at different lengths. Or you could have star-shaped balloons float above the dance floor. Cover your tables with navy blue or black tablecloths and sprinkle metallic confetti on top. Then place white, silver or gold glittery tulle on top of the tablecloth. Instead of having table numbers, name the tables after constellations or planets, and then write the name on a large star cut-out to place on the table. Small star cut-outs make excellent place cards as well. The cake table can be decorated similarly to the dinner tables, but using the reverse color scheme. Use a white, silver or gold tablecloth to cover the table and navy blue or black glittery tulle on top. Trim the edges of the cake table with white twinkle lights to give it that starry effect. Create beautiful celestial centerpieces from different sized pillar candles. Attach star-shaped pins, studs or stickers to the candles. Group the candles together on a mirror (round or star-shaped), and place glittery tulle around the grouping. Finish off the centerpiece with flat colored marbles, metallic confetti, or star garland around the tulle. Another great candle centerpiece can be made from a small fish bowl filled with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring and add star-shaped floating candles. If you prefer floral centerpieces, purchase terra cotta pots, paint them navy blue or black and then paint on stars, moons and planets using metallic gold or silver paint. Fill the pots with fresh flowers, baby’s breath and star- shaped picks.

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