Buying Your Wedding Invitations – Part 2

Your wedding invitations will not only make your guests aware of your upcoming nuptials, but will also set the tone for the type of event you are planning. It will not only tell your guests when, where, and what time your wedding takes place, but it will also tell them who is hosting the event and subliminally say if the wedding will be formal or informal. Be sure to remember this when choosing your invitations. Ask yourself what kind of wedding are you having? Is it formal, semi-formal, informal or casual?

The type of font that you choose will directly relate to the formality of your wedding. If you’re having a formal wedding you might choose handwritten calligraphy or engraved script. If your wedding is semi-formal you might go with a traditional script thermography. If the wedding is informal or casual you might choose modern block thermography or a thermography with colored ink.

There are many different components to a wedding invitation. First you have the actual wedding invitation. Then there is the inner envelope which can be lined or unlined. This is the envelope that holds invitation and all the cards. Next is the outer envelope. This is the envelope that holds everything once it’s placed in the inner envelope. The outer envelope is the one that gets addressed. Next is the reception card. This is the card that lets your guests know when and where the reception will be. Then there is the response card, also known as the RSVP. This is the card that the guests use to respond to the invitation. It comes with its own envelope, which should have the return address and return postage on it when you put it in the invitation. There’s also a map and direction card. This is exactly what the name suggests, a card with a map and directions on how to get to the wedding and reception. Another component is lodging information. This lets the out of town guests know which hotel you’ve reserved rooms at. Lastly, there are envelope seals. These are the stickers you use on the outer envelope to help seal it.

The wording on a wedding invitation is your personal choice. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are listed on the invitation as the sole hosts, but anything goes these days. Many brides- and grooms-to-be are including both of their parents and even stepparents in some cases. Make sure to consider the bride, groom, bride’s parents and or stepparents, groom’s parents and/or stepparents, wedding date and time, ceremony site name and address when you’re deciding on your invitation wording.

Most large stationery companies either on the internet, from a mail-order catalog, or a large stationer in your home town will offer a wide variety of accessory items that can be purchased to match your invitations and wedding colors. Some of these extra items include personalized drink and luncheon napkins, personalized matches or notebooks, personalized envelope seals, personalized ribbon, personalized wedding favor bags or boxes, and wedding ceremony program, just to name a few.

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