Butterfly Themed Wedding Part 3

Butterfly Wedding Favors

Here are just a few possibilities to get you started.

  • Butterfly shaped sugar cookies placed in small bags or boxes.
  • Purchase butterfly candy molds (available at most craft stores in the cake decorating section) and make candy or chocolates.
  • Candy molds can also be used to make soap. Consider making butterfly-shaped soap, wrapping a few soaps and wildflower-scented lotion in tulle and tie with a colorful ribbon. This makes a wonderful gift for your female guests.
  • Decorate little cake boxes with 3-D Butterfly Stickers and fill the boxes with a sweet treat (Jordan Almonds, chocolates, etc.).
  • Use colorful butterfly-shaped plastic cookie cutters as napkin rings for your table settings. Write the bride and groom’s names and wedding date on the cookie cutters in gold or silver marker pen. Guests keep the cookie cutter as a memento of your wedding.
  • Butterfly magnets
  • Wrap a couple of votive candles in tulle and tie with a ribbon with a butterfly pattern. Some places even sell butterfly shaped candles, which would be a good idea also.

Butterfly Wedding Cake Decorations

For your wedding cake, have the baker decorate it with white or colored sugar butterflies. You could also use a butterfly decorated cake topper. If you are unable to find a pre-made one, you can easily make one yourself. Just purchase a plain gazebo or arch cake topper and decorate with silk flowers and glue small crafting butterflies on it.

Wedding Music

Choose music that has the word ‘butterfly’ in it. For example:

  • Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle (a great song for a father/daughter dance)
  • Butterfly by Mariah Carey
  • Elusive Butterfly by Bob Lind

Other Butterfly Wedding Ideas

At your reception, instead of numbering your tables, name each table after a butterfly. If you expect your wedding day to be clear and the temperature higher than 60°F, consider having a life butterfly release instead of throwing rice or bird seed. Make sure your butterfly supplier only provides butterflies indigenous to your area. If foreign butterflies are released, they can become disoriented and die.

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