Butterfly Themed Wedding Part 1

If you are searching for a romantic and whimsical wedding theme, consider a butterfly wedding. Here are a few ideas to incorporate the flight of the butterfly into your wedding.

Butterfly Wedding Colors

There are many kinds of butterflies, and you will need to decide if you prefer a colorful scheme or a simpler, monochromatic color scheme, for which you might just use white or pink butterflies, for instance.

Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Your save the date cards and wedding invitations are the first place to implement your butterfly theme. Choose an invitation printed or embossed with butterflies, wildflowers or a garden design. Think light and airy when it comes to paper selection; vellum and handmade paper work well. Be sure to use a delicate font. If you are feeling brave enough to create your own wedding invitations, you could have your invitation in the shape of a butterfly, perhaps mounted on a heavier piece of cardstock. Glitter applied to the tips of the wings would add an bit of magic to the invitations.

Colorful Wedding Flowers

Flower arrangements should match the color theme you have chosen. If you’re going with the monochromatic, white butterfly approach, consider white flowers such as white roses, sweet peas, lilies of the valley, gardenia and orchids. If a multi-color scheme is your idea, consider a bright bouquet made of wildflowers. Your florist can even add butterfly picks to any bouquet.

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