Breakaway Bouquet

The tradition of the bride tossing her bridal bouquet to a crowd of single female wedding guests is a long standing one. Some brides even order two bouquets from the florist, one to keep, and the other to toss. The tossing bouquet is usually a smaller version of the original one.

Lately, a new and unique twist to the tossing of the bouquet, in addition to the bridal bouquet, is to order a breakaway bouquet. This arrangement appears to be quite large, because it is actually six smaller bouquets gathered together with a large ribbon, tied in a bow. Before the bride tosses it, she unties the bow, and tosses all six bouquets at once. This type of bouquet is extremely popular with all the little girls that may be at the reception. This is also a delightful way to spread that long standing superstition of "who will be the next one to walk down the aisle?" Imagine the delight of all your younger guests who are fortunate to catch one of the breakaway bouquets! Toss the breakaway bouquets to all the single girls under eighteen, and the tossing bouquet to those who are eighteen and older.

Be sure to have the florist color coordinate the tossing bouquet with your bridal bouquet. If your bridal bouquet is made up of expensive blooms, ask the florist to substitute similar flowers that are more moderately priced. Carnations can be dyed to go with any color scheme. The blooms are large and will pack a dramatic punch but for a reasonable price.

Every bride will have several choices and decisions to make pertaining to the wedding and reception. The tossing of the bouquet should not cause a lot of stress for her, but she should explore all of her options, and then go with the one that most pleases her.

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