Arranging Invitations and Enclosures – Part 1

This is just a quick run through of how to arrange your wedding invitations for mailing. Your order will come with a sample of what this is supposed to look like.

Folded Invitations:

  1. Fold the invitation on the indented lines.
  2. Place a tissue over the printed wording. If your main invitation wording is printed inside of the card, your tissue and enclosure cards will be inside the card. If your main wording is printed on the outside of the card, your tissue and enclosure cards will be outside the card.
  3. If you have direction, gift registry, at home cards, or other enclosure cards, place these on top of the tissue. The wording faces upward.
  4. The reception card is placed on top of the tissue or miscellaneous enclosure cards.
  5. Tuck the respond card under the respond envelope flap.
  6. Place the respond card/envelope on top of the reception card. The return address on the envelope faces upward.
  7. Close the invitation.
  8. Place assembled card-folded edge first-into the inner envelope. This is the envelope that has no gum on the flap and is lined with a color (if you ordered the optional color lined envelopes). The front of the invitation should face the back flap of the inner envelope.
  9. Close the flap on the inner envelope.
  10. Place the inner envelope into the outer envelope, this is the envelope with the gummed flap and your return address printed on the back flap (if you ordered the optional return address). The front of the inner envelope should face the back flap of the outer envelope.

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