Are You Ready for Marriage – Part 2

  • You have the same attitude about paying bills or debt management. You are aware of each other’s personal debt and you have discussed how you will merge your finances once you get married and you are comfortable with this plan.
  • You have similar definitions of a "comfortable" income and/or income goals.
  • Your sexual needs are compatible.
  • You have discussed having (or not having) children and are in agreement as far as when to start your family. If you have children from a previous marriage or relationship, you get along with the children and show them respect and kindness.
  • You get along with your potential in-laws. If not, you have discussed the extent of the role they will play in your future family life. Keep in mind, when you get married, you should regard each other as your most important familial relationship.
  • You have similar religious beliefs or have discussed how to incorporate religion into your family. If you and your partner are of two different faiths, you should come to some compromise on what religion your future children will follow.

If the majority of these statements are true about your relationship, it sounds like you are ready to take the plunge. But if the majority of these statements are not true or you don’t know, then your relationship needs more work and you should probably hold off on getting married right now. Don’t despair! Knowing what you don’t know about each other and what you need to work on will only make you closer and your relationship stronger.

Good luck!

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