2009 Wedding Trends – Part 2

6. Hair Accessories

Ditch the cathedral veil and say hello to vintage hair pieces! They’ve been around a lot lately. So it’s no surprise to see people looking for birdcage veils and fascinators or maybe just overly elaborate headbands adorned with feathers, bows, and jewels oh my!

7. Non-Book Guest Books

New takes on guest books are all around. Decorate a large glass fish bowl and leave out small pieces of pretty stationery and ink pens. Ask guests to write a favorite memory they have of you either individually or as a couple. Want something to hang up in your foyer consider using a matted frame as a guest book. This item allows the guests to write in their best wishes on the area surrounding your favorite wedding photo.

8. Relationship Timelines

These are a fairly new trend that you may not have seen yet. Guests receive a piece of stationery with your personal boy meets girl story. These have been known to list a lot of details or just include your basic how we met story. Keep in mind not all of your guests will know how you two came to be the perfect pair and this added touch allows for a sneak peek into the courting days that led you both to the altar.

9. Soft Silhouettes

Gowns seem to appear everywhere with subtle lines and soft silhouettes. You will find these gowns smoothly draped over brides in soft and airy fabrics. This trend is an updated version of the traditional romantic style gown. The lightness and minute details of these gowns lends itself to the less is more style.

10. Non-Floral Bouquets

Brides have been forgoing traditional bunches of flowers and carrying assemblies of all kinds of different pretty things. Some items going down the aisle include mock bouquets made of paper, and fake flowers assembled from stacks of buttons with swatches of felt. Fake twigs painted in your wedding colors adorned with jewels make a sparkly bouquet to carry down the aisle.

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