10 Tips for Traveling Abroad – Part 2

  1. Don’t take any expensive or expensive-looking jewelry with you. Leave your diamond engagement/wedding rings at home. You don’t want to wear a lot of big flashy jewelry that will draw a lot of attention because it might draw the attention of some undesirable people who are all too willing to rob you. We’re not saying it happens all the time, but it is something to take into consideration.
  2. Beware of pickpockets! They are everywhere, so keep your valuables in some form of money belt or pouch. You can always have a stash of money for smaller purchases more readily available on your person but no more than you can afford to lose. Although it is convenient to have some local currency on hand, travelers’ checks are a much safer way to travel with your money.
  3. Make copies of all travel documents including passport, front and back of credit cards and plane tickets, travelers’ checks serial numbers, etc. Leave a copy with an emergency contact back home and either give a copy to your traveling companion or place it in a different place than the originals. That way if the originals are lost or stolen, you will have a copy to fall back on. The copy isn’t as official as the original, but it will work in a bind.
  4. Thoroughly review your health insurance to determine if you need to purchase additional emergency medical assistance insurance. You may need this if you need to he hospitalized or even evacuated. Also. cheek to make sure that you have coverage in the area you are going. You don’t want to have something happen and find out in the hospital that your insurance is no good.
  5. Make sure your family has a copy of your itinerary, including contact numbers in case there is an emergency. Also, carry some kind of emergency contact information with you in case you and your spouse are injured and medical personnel need to contact someone.

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