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Inspiration: Halloween Themed Wedding – Part 3

Halloween Decorations: It is not hard to find Halloween decorations. Every store should carry sort assortment during the month of October. For a less commercialized atmosphere, you might prefer Halloween decorations from nature’s bounty. Create lovely centerpieces from pumpkins, dried flowers, and leaves. Or set an orange or black pillar candle in a hurricane lamp
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Inspiration: Halloween Themed Wedding – Part 2

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Sites: If your having a Halloween themed wedding, why not have your wedding and/or reception at a spooky mansion? Another wonderful place to hold your ceremony and/or reception is in a converted barn. If you know someone in your family who has a hobby farm, ask if they would be willing
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Inspiration: Halloween Themed Wedding – Part 1

If you are planning your wedding for late October, consider having a Halloween themed event. Imagine glowing candles, carved jack-o-lanterns, dried cornstalks and flowers on a moonlit night. Most people can easily turn a Halloween party into a wedding; however, consider adding some polish to this special night. Here are some suggestions that incorporate elegance
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