What’s Your Name?

Traditionally when a woman marries a man, she drops her last name (maiden) and takes on his last name.  Well times are changing.  Some woman choose to drop their middle name and replace it with their maiden name, while others decide to keep all three names they were given at birth and use a hyphenated last name.  There are even some men who decide to take the last name of the bride.  It is really up to whatever the couple decides.

Whatever decision you as a couple decide, there are people, places and things that will need to be updated concerning your new identity.  Notify the following with your new information:


Bank Accounts Passport
Billing Accounts Pension Plan Records
Car Registration Post Office Listing
Church Membership Roll Property Titles
Credit Card Accounts School Records (if a student)
Drivers License Social Security
Employment Records Stock Portfolio
Insurance Policies Voter Registration
Leases Wills

If you have any other financial or legal documents in your name, those will need to be updated as well.

If you find yourself more attached to your maiden name than you realized, you may choose to just keep it.  One thing though if you decide to keep it concerns taxes.  If you file jointly with your husband but use your own name, the government will ask proof of marriage every year. 

The first time you will sign your new name to an official document will be to the marriage license.  Be sure that you are both comfortable with your decision long before it is time to sign on that dotted line.

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