Trusting a website with your wedding invitations

We do most of our business online through our website but have quite a number of local brides who choose to shop in our studio. This Saturday we talked with a bride who had been searching online for the perfect wedding invitation and had even ordered paper swatches from another online invitation store. Finally though, she decided that she was “not comfortable spending such a substantial amount of money or making such an important decision without sitting down and talking through every detail with someone”. Fortunately for her, she decided to come visit our studio! She brought in her paper samples and ideas and we were able to walk her through the entire process so that she felt completely at ease and can now mark off another item from her bridal to-do list.

It got me to thinking though about all the brides out there who probably feel like this bride – can I trust a website enough to order my wedding invitations? The answer is a definite, “Yes!” We have built (and are always improving) our website so that we can be as helpful to a bride in England as we can to one sitting across the table from us. We mail out samples of our wedding invitations everyday and often have brides give us a call while they are ordering to ask us questions large and small. Is it okay to put “adult reception only” on my invitation? How many extra wedding invitations should I get? Is it okay to use two script fonts together?

We strive everyday to help our online brides receive the same level of service as our local brides. We always include digital proofs with every order and won’t print anything until it’s “just right”. To some brides these days, ordering online (even if it is something as important as her wedding invitations), is just like tying your shoes – but to those leery of ordering from a “site unseen”, rest assured that invitations from The Green Kangaroo come with a free consultant to help you through the process!

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