Public Announcements

After you have become engaged and have the ring on your finger, the news will travel far just by word of mouth.  An engagement announcement in your hometown is the next step.  If your fiancé lives in another town, submit an announcement to that newspaper as well.

First of all, check with your newspaper to see what their policies are regarding engagement announcements.  Most newspapers have a form for you to fill out with all the vital information.  Be sure to print neatly and have every name and word spelled correctly.  You may need to also verify titles of people, a retired military officer, doctor, etc.  Some people are very sensitive to this, especially if it is misprinted.  Find out if you can submit a picture with the announcement and if they charge a fee.

Specify the date you want the announcement to be printed and provide your contact information along with “Please Return” on the back of the picture in a self-addressed envelope.  Make sure the envelope is large enough to hold the picture and it has enough postage.  Many places prefer to receive digital images, in which case you can submit the picture online, such as in an email.  Be sure to follow the submission instructions exactly.

Traditionally the bride’s parents announce the engagement.  In a case where her parents are divorced, either parent can make the announcement; both parents should be mentioned in the article.  If one parent is deceased, the word “late” should precede any mention of their name.  If both parents are deceased, the announcement can be made by a close relative.

It will save you a trip to the newspaper office if you ask for the wedding announcement form while you are there.

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