Popular Color Combinations for Truly Unique Wedding Invitations

By selecting memorable, meaningful or unique colors for your wedding invitations, you’ll be making a personal style statement for your wedding from the very beginning. Today there are more options than ever, and with so many beautiful shades and exciting color combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find the hue that is right for you! When you find invitations that appeal to you, be sure to get┬ásamples and assure that what you see really is what you’ll get.

Just as important as picking your “signature” color is pairing it with┬ácomplementary hues. You want to create a wedding invitation palette that is both pleasing and true to your individual style. You can implement these beautiful color combinations by including embellishments like bows and backing layers in highlight colors, selecting the perfect ink color to offset your paper choice, or simply by choosing an invitations that incorporates all the colors you prefer. Here are just a few of our favorite color combinations:

Black and White Wedding Invitations

Black and Blue Wedding Invitations

Brown and Blue Wedding Invitations

Chocolate and White Wedding Invitations

Green, Black & White Wedding Invitations

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