Partial DIY Wedding Invitations

In talking with brides, I have found that there are a lot of ladies out there who really want to have pocket wedding invitations, but are looking for ways to save on them. Or . . . they want to be able to say that they designed, or made their invitations, but do not want the responsibility (or headache) of printing and cutting down all of the invitation pieces (not to mention the envelopes!). Some brides have told us that they went down the do-it-yourself road with their Save the Dates, realized just how much work was involved, and decided against doing their wedding invitations themselves.

As a solution for both types of brides, The Green Kangaroo added a DIY option to all of their wedding invitations that involve layering or assembly work. In the short time that this option has been on our website, a large number of brides have selected it. They receive the same designer proofs and professional printing as a standard order, but complete any assembly work themselves.

Do-it-yourself options are available on our signature pocket wedding invitations and wraps (like the Clara Pocket, the Allison Pocket and the Terra Bella Wrap), layered wedding invitations (like the Grace, Catherine, and Gretchen) as well as custom envelope liners. If you decide to do it all yourself, check out our DIY Kits.

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