Monochromatic Palettes

“Contrast is Key” – an infamous design line you’ve probably heard from the lips of everyone from your florist to your makeup artist. While we absolutely agree that striking color contrasts can be beautiful, we’re here to hail the simple splendor of monochromatic palettes.

A look that is equal parts elegance, tradition, and glam, a pure white wedding palette can really stand out in a crowd. Even if you do decide at the very last minute that you need a dose of color, you can pick bright blooms of any hue and throw them into the mix…with a crisp white background, all colors really come to life. Get your bright white wedding going with your wedding invitations. If you’re drawn to the classics, you’ll have plenty of options…traditional wedding invitations are crisp white or ecru, with the optional white bow for some extra elegance. If you’re more trendy than traditional, try layering different shades of white cardstock, or choose shimmering white paper for a little extra sparkle.

Shades of Yellow
If you’ve decided that sunny yellow will be a perfect color choice for your wedding, why not opt for a color scheme as multi-faceted as the sun itself? Soft, buttery yellows are surprisingly soothing, golden yellows are very versatile, and we think nothing says “happily” ever after like a dose of bright, bold, lemon yellow. Layer the sunny shades together to create a look that is sophisticated and un-stuffy. If you’re afraid your invitations will look more “daycare” than “big day,” try adding a layer of white cardstock or a navy border to up the sophistication factor.

A Pink Palette
A lot of brides these days have decided to re-think pink. No longer confined to shades of Barbie shoes and tutus, pink has come a long way from its girlish, gumdrop past. Layer a piece of hot pink over a leaf of fuchsia over a sheet of soft pink, and you’ll have a pink palette that is more sophisticated that sugary. Think your groom may not appreciate pink as much as you? Meet him in the middle by choosing a strong, bold invitation shape or a streamlined typestyle in a daring color. You’ll both be surprised at how neutral and versatile a monochromatic pink palette can be.

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