Mind Your Manners

At MyGatsby, we aren’t necessarily sticklers for all the intricacies of old-school etiquette, but we do know that it will come into play as you finalize your wedding invitations; from the style and wording you select to the addressing of the envelopes and so much more. If you are feeling confused and a bit frazzled about all the wedding rules that are out there, we understand…and we want to help! We’ve compiled a comprehensive yet digestible resource filled with wedding invitation etiquette just for you.

Here are a few simple but important steps to finding the wedding invitation etiquette that suits your event and your style:

  1. Review the “rules.” Click here for the official MyGatsby guide.
  2. Decide which rules are important (and/or apply) to your wedding.
  3. Throw out any rules that don’t fit your style.
  4. Do not feel guilty. Do not look back. You’ve got more important things to think about!

We know it seems all-important now, but by this time next year no one (including you) will remember whether the inner envelopes were addressed appropriately. Make decisions based on what you like and what works for you…and you’ll be happy in the end…which is what truly matters.

For more friendly tips, helpful advice, and FAQ’s, here are just some of our areas of expertise:

Traditional Wedding Invitations: Defined

Addressing of Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Wedding Invitation Wording

PLUS, Save The Dates, Engagement Parties, Thank Yous, and so much more!

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