Addressing Your Wedding Invitations

If you are anything like me, YOU can’t even read your handwriting, so why spend all that time finding the perfect wedding invitation only to scribble your guest names on the envelopes? I was fortunate that my future mother-in-law knew calligraphy, so I had beautifully addressed wedding invitations – for free! But if you are are not so lucky, what are your options?

1. Have your stationer address them for you! We offer guest addressing and a large number of our brides elect to use this service. We provide you with an Excel template to fill out with your guest names and addresses and charge only $1.00 per envelope set (Yes, that’s is correct – $1.00 for the inner AND the outer envelope), plus a small set up fee of $25.00 to process your guest list. Another advantage is that the font used to print your guest names will be the EXACT font (or fonts) used on your wedding invitations. And, your wedding invitations arrive ready to stuff, stamp and mail – saving you time!

Under the “Design Extras” tab on each product page, you can add this option to your order.

2. Hire a calligrapher. This option is good if you are short on time (or have handwriting like mine) and have the money in your budget. Costs do vary depending on your location (average from around $1.50 to $3.00 per envelope). Many calligraphers fill their schedules quickly, so be sure to contact them several months before you need to mail out your invitations. Some calligraphers offer guest addressing that is more contemporary.

3. Print your guest names on your ink jet or laser printer at home. This can be really tricky depending on the size and weight of the envelopes and type of printer you have. Make sure that you order extra envelopes if you decide to go down this road (at least 25 for mess ups). Another hiccup with this option is matching the font to your invitations. Most likely you have no idea what the cool font(s) you chose for your wedding invitations are really called (and if you do know, they normally will not be installed on your computer).

4. Handwrite your guest names. If you have pretty handwriting (and lots of time) – and either want to save some money, or simply put your “stamp” on your wedding invitations, this is a great way to go. Purchasing a light box and a nice quick dry pen from your local craft store would make this job easier.

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