A Pretty in Pink Party!

One of the highlights of being a bride’s maid of honor is planning the shower.  This is a fun celebration with the bride’s female relatives and close friends.  Be sure to include the mothers of the bride and groom on your guest list.

This should be an intimate affair perhaps in your own home.  A simple and elegant way to make this gathering extra special is to decorate everything in pink.  Begin the theme by sending out pink invitations and be sure to note that this is a "Pink Party."  Most of the guests will love the idea and come dressed in pink as well as use pink wrapping paper, bows and gift bags for all of the presents.  Set up a gift table in a prominent area and this will become a stunning centerpiece for the event.

Pink table coverings, napkins, paper plates and cups can be found at all party supply stores.  But do not worry about different shades; they will add to the festive feeling you want.  For an added treat, purchase inexpensive pink boas for everyone and watch the divas emerge.

A delicious pink punch made from one part ginger ale, one part Sprite and one part Hawaiian Punch will also reinforce the theme.  For an extra flair, consider mixing a very small amount of red food coloring to a gallon of water and fill some ice trays.  Kitchen specialty store carry a variety of ice trays with unusual shapes like flowers, bows and bells.  These little touches will certain make a lasting impression.

Pink votive candles with pink ribbon tied around the clear glass holders would be an inexpensive but striking way to add atmosphere.  Ask you local florist what pink flowers are in season and purchase a couple dozen to arrange in vases around the room.

If you are artistic, consider finding an old wooden chair with interesting lines to sand and paint.  Paint the entire chair white and decorate it by painting pink flowers and greenery around the edges.  The bride will certainly cherish this piece of furniture.  Be sure to sign the chair underneath the seat with your name, the date and that the color pink represents friendship and affection. 

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