A Nautical Tying of the Knot

A major trend “making waves” at plenty of summer weddings is the nautical theme. Even if you’re not a sailor – even if you’ve never actually stepped foot on a boat, the whimsical, happy, yet elegant theme lends itself to a classic and gorgeous wedding day for any sea loving couple. Whether you choose to reference the nautical theme with small, understated elements in your wedding invitations, or go all out and pay homage to sailing in every single detail of your special day, you’ll love your maritime marriage ceremony. Here are some simple ideas for incorporating the theme into your day:

Start with navy. It’s a classic color that needs no introduction. To add to the naval color scheme, you can choose to offset the dark navy with crisp white, soft cream, warm gold, or silver.

For a simple and straightforward interpretation of this clean theme, try a 7 x 5 Jacket w/ Window Wedding Invitation in navy and white.

Aside from color, you can also create nautical invitations with symbols like sailboats, anchors, or knots. Ships Ahoy!

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