Your Wedding Invitations In Bloom

You’re already spoiled for choice in deciding to go with MyGatsby’s Custom Mix ‘n Match Wedding Invitations – not only do you have multiple colors to choose from for almost limitless color combinations, but you have a variety of styles in a plethora of shapes. If you’ve done a lot of shopping around, though, you might not have run into the style that we’re going to highlight today: the bloom.

This unique invitation consists of a center panel for your wording, with four bordering half-circles that fold inward to easily fit into envelopes, and outwards for a pretty blossom shape. The most popular style is the square shape, as seen in these 5×5 Wedding Bloom Invitations. The square styling means your wedding invitations will stand out from the sea of bills and junk mail your wedding guests receive every day, so they’ll get excited before they even open the envelope.

If you need a little extra space for your invitation wording or you don’t want to leave behind the traditional shape of wedding invitations entirely, go with the rectangular panel look of these 5×7 Wedding Bloom Invitations. If you want to get especially clever, you can slide your reception and response cards inside so everything stays conveniently together!

Want to take advantage of this great shape while still adding your own unique touch? Order your wedding invitations unprinted in 5×5 Bloom card stock and create your own invitations from there. You can easily print and assemble your own wedding invitations this way, keeping your budget low while still ending up with great invitations!

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