What Your Beribboned Wedding Invitations Say About You

If you think bedecking your wedding invitations with ribbons is the best way to go, you’re not alone! Ribbons are a great way to add a bit of something extra to your wedding invitations, whether you’re looking for class or sass. So what does your choice in ribbon say about you?

Midori Ascot Ribbon: You want to have fun with your wedding invitations! Sassy striped ribbons add a shot of fun to simple wedding invitations in shades of cream or any of the other color choices. With nine different stripe colors to choose from, you can easily match the principal shade to your wedding invitations, adding a dash of cream to break up the solid shade.

Midori Organdy Ribbon: You don’t want your elegance understated. This sheer thick ribbon accents wedding invitations like a piece of silk cast over a lamp, adding an elegant touch of translucent shimmer. Best used sparingly and wrapped in tidy bows.

Midori Grosgrain Ribbon: You’re the traditional type. Grosgrain ribbon is the stuff of girly hair ribbons worn in youth, and they add a touch of spirit to casual wedding invitations, perfect for a less formal ceremony.

Midori Double-Faced Satin Ribbon: You like making bold statements with everything, and that includes your wedding invitations! Go all out with wide satin ribbon wrapped around jacketed wedding invitations or tied neatly at the top in an expressive bow.

Midori Twinkle Ribbon: You’re the life of the party, and this wedding will be more dance extravaganza than subdued affair if you have anything to say about it. Twelve different shade selections to choose from means you can match these ribbons to your bridesmaid dresses or even your nail polish!

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