Wedding Invitations From a Family In Progress

Shotgun weddings are so twentieth century – these days starting a family before the knot is officially tied is simply another form of commitment. After all, a marriage doesn’t make you more or less parents! If you’re getting married with a child (or children) you can easily make your child a part of your wedding, and reflect that in your wedding invitations.

A great way to include your child in your wedding invitations is to add their name into the wording. MyGatsby’s Word Wizard offers up helpful tips on how best to make that work – just make sure that your wedding invitations have space enough to accommodate the extra wording. Simple vertical panel wedding invitations work best here.

If you have a lot of friends and family who are parents as well, you can emphasize that yours is a kid-friendly wedding with a note on one of the enclosure cards included with your wedding invitations. Such a note is best suited to the bottom of each reception card, and if you like, you might include a bit of information about children’s activities during the reception, like special games or treats.

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