Wedding Invitations for Your Shotgun Wedding

Okay, so shotgun weddings don’t mean quite what they used to. It’s likely no one’s virtue has been sullied or innocence compromised. Sometimes, though, people just need to get married in a hurry! You might have limited planning time, but you don’t want to settle for a city hall justice of the peace ceremony. But just because you’re getting married quickly, it doesn’t mean your wedding invitations have to look thrown together!

If you don’t have much time to get your wedding invitations out, you’ll want to order preprinted invitations – avoid anything DIY that’ll require you to print up the invitations yourself. You won’t even need to stress about how to word your wedding invitations with MyGatsby’s Wording Wizard. All you’ll have to do is address the envelopes and get them sent!

For maximum ease, it’s wise to go for wedding invitations that come with everything you need, from RSVP cards to reception cards and more. With Mix ‘n Match Wedding Invitations, you’ll be able to choose the colors and style you like, and have it all delivered straight to your door. Want to save even more time? Order your invitations pre-assembled, so everything’s already in its place.

If you’re ordering your invitations separately, like these Blossom Wedding Invitations, have no fear, the order page lets you easily add everything you could possibly need to the package. Just because you’re in a rush, doesn’t mean you need to skimp on what’s important. Make sure your friends and family show up with quick, easy invitations that leave you plenty of time to focus on what’s really important, like finding the perfect wedding dress!

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