Wedding Invitations for the Hottest Months of the Year

Welcome to July! If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, you may be in the middle of a heat wave, and even if the weather’s fine, it’s still high midsummer on its way to August. If you skipped a June wedding in favor of something a little later, we hope you’re adequately prepared with a nice light wedding dress and a ceremony somewhere air-conditioned or appropriately breezy. Whether your wedding is summer-themed or not, you can still bring a bit of summer attitude to your wedding invitations with these suggestions.

There are few times of the year where you can really get away with bright orange anything, and one of the times is definitely the warmer months of summer. Sunny orange may be a bit much for a wedding dress (although creamsicle-colored bridesmaid’s dresses could be fun), but you can certainly bring a juicy shot of citrus sweetness to your ceremony with orange wedding invitations. We like the Lacy Orange Square Panel wedding invitations as a fun precursor to the big day with their bright, cheerful colors.

If you’re throwing a more casual outdoor wedding, we love the sunny orange and sky blue Rugby Stripe wedding invitations. From backyard to poolside, these wedding invitations add a bit of cheery charm to your upcoming nuptials, and once the ceremony’s past, you can bring back fond memories and get out your words of gratitude with matching thank you notes.

For a subtle hint of summer heat, add in a few pressed flowers like yellow daisies or marigolds. For truly hot and fiery wedding invitations, choose two or three layer invites in color combinations of yellow, orange, and red to bring up the image of flames, especially relevant in warmer days. Simple two-layer wedding invitations are great for this, letting you customize the ink color as well. Now all you have to do is make sure you have plenty of fans set out for your hot July or August wedding!

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