Wedding Invitations for Every Type of Wedding: Informal

Although informal weddings are still outpaced by more traditional formal weddings, they’re gaining in the ranks due to an influx of couples younger and older who just want to get married with less of a fuss. Generally taking place during the daytime, an informal wedding ceremony frequently consists of fifty or fewer guests, often just the bride and groom’s close friends and family.

Although wedding invitations to an informal wedding can sometimes be handwritten or even given over the phone, it’s still polite to send an actual paper invitation, if for no other reason than helping your guests remember. Make it something cute and bright that they can stick to the fridge and you’ll keep your small wedding from becoming downright tiny with lack of attendance.

Capture attention with wedding invitations in shades of hot pink and bright green or orange and lime with fabulous multi-colored striped envelopes. You’ll have just enough room to get across the important details of your wedding, and it’ll be a bright reminder around the house to remind your guests to mark their calendars.

Since informal weddings are often low on the decorations and subdued in regard to flowers, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of floral fun with your wedding invitations. Take these blue and brown Floral Burst Invitations and print them yourself with your laser printer, saving time and money while getting your invitations ready.

If your aim is simply to get the word out there, rather than using traditional wedding invitations, send out Informal Panel Notes. Envelopes are included with the return addresses pre-printed, and you can your name or initials across the front, or even alternate text indicating your wedding. You can capture the informal nature of your wedding by handwriting the wedding information inside and requesting a phone call to RSVP, rather than including a response card.

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