Wedding Invitations For A Castle Wedding

How exactly do you plan a castle wedding? This is not a question that’s plagued too many brides, but perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones. Maybe your wedding budget has room in it for a ballroom that once hosted royal dances, maybe you’re lucky enough that your third cousin the deposed marquis is feeling generous with his chateau. No matter how you’re swinging it, you’re going to have an amazing wedding. To go along with that, you need amazing wedding invitations!

When it comes right down to it, you can’t let the wedding planner handle everything – after all, this is your big day, not theirs. They can cover all the stuff like permits and seating and tents and catering, but keep one thing for yourself, we say. And naturally, we vote that that one thing is choosing your wedding invitations. So go all out!

A crumbling pile of Middle Ages stone will likely be dressed up with all manner of finery for your nuptials, with ivy and lace draped about attractively among the ruins. Keep your wedding look gorgeous with a vintage satin gown, red-tinted mood lighting, and wedding invitations that are just as candlelight-glamorous as the ceremony.

Switching your ceremony to the summer chateau? Keep the look in tune by brightening up old stone with bright shades of blue and gold. These 6 x 9 Gate Folio Pocket Wedding Invitations look particularly sublime in Cloud Nine blue and White Linen with glittering Gold Foil ink. Finally, just make sure you have a top wedding photographer to capture every amazing moment!

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