Try Tea Length Wedding Invitations

Looking for a unique shape for your wedding invitations? Send simple single layer invitations in traditional tea length for unexpected elegance. Ideal for invitations without an excess of information to convey, tea length wedding invitations match the sort of classy affair where tea length dresses are required – i.e. the slightly below the knee length appropriate for afternoon tea. For extra cuteness, suggest gloves!

Before the wedding invitations go out, get your girls to the bridal shower or pre-ceremony girls’ day out with these elegant bridal shower invitations. There’s room enough for the essential information of who’s hosting and what sort of affair it is – why not get inspired and hold a tea party featuring exotic teas and finger sandwiches? Take a cue from the bride pictured and dress in quirky paisley or a similarly pretty pattern.

If your tastes lean toward retro and you might one day find yourself wearing your short and sweet wedding dress to a cocktail party, vintage wedding invitations may be perfect for you!

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