Trend Spotlight: Wedding Invitations Get Inked

If you’re in the process of choosing your wedding invitations, you may have already picked the perfect style and colors – but what about the little details? When it’s time to get your wedding invitations printed, you’ll have to choose the method that you liked best, and in addition to that, you’ll need to make sure you select the perfect ink color to match your invites. Depending on what printing style you’re going with, you’ll likely have plenty of options.

Letterpress: Letterpress inking is available in a variety of soft shades to best reflect the simple, hand-inked look you’ll get from the process. Try pairing deep chocolate brown wedding invitations with pale pink ink, or deep blue wedding invitations with light blue ink.

Engraving: Classic engraving can be done in black or white. Due to the nature of the process, wherein the words are transferred to the paper via a copper plate, the ink color choices are limited.

Thermography: This is a more affordable way to gain the look of engraving, which makes it one of the most popular printing styles. When you get your wedding invitations printed using thermography, you’ll find yourself with a wealth of choices ranging from basic black to sage, wine, hot pink, periwinkle, and frosted plum. The sky’s the limit, we say – just make sure you get a sample first so you can know for sure that emerald ink will work on your mint green wedding invitations.

Foil: Want your wedding invitations to really stand out? Choose foil ink! In metallic colors like gold, silver, copper, and orange, foil ink will add an exciting shimmer to your wedding invitations. Best for dark wedding invitations in shades like navy blue or black – try gold or silver script on either of these backgrounds for an enchanting night sky look.

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