Sparkling Gemstones Inspire The Latest Wedding Invitations

A diamond is forever, or so the marketers tell us – but let’s face it, the wedding invitations last only as long as the most committed scrapbooker wants them to. With that in mind, why not make your wedding invitations as sparkly and glamorous as possible? A dusting of glitter guarantees your upcoming ceremony will be memorable from the moment the Save the Date is opened with precious gem-inspired invites.

The key to imitating your favorite gems is getting just the right precious stone shade. Jewel tones make a bright and immediate impact for guests opening their wedding invitations, and MyGatsby’s Mix ‘n Match selection means you can choose your favorite bright shade from the bunch. Sapphire enthusiasts will find their best match in Lapis or Marine, while ruby fans can get their shot of brilliant red in shades like Brick and Burgundy Linen. Emerald fans will easily find their perfect match in Emerald, as will amethyst lovers in Amethyst!

The latest trend in wedding rings is incorporating colored gems into a diamond design, and we think it couldn’t have come soon enough! We love the idea of bright accents on an otherwise traditional diamond ring, and it’s an effect you can easily replicate on your wedding invitations. Stick with wedding invitations in a shimmering shade of diamond white and add in a fabulous jewel-toned ribbon tied neatly around the outside or threaded through the top. Gorgeous!

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