Show Your School Spirit with Collegiate Wedding Invitations

Long past are the days where people married right out of the high school; these days, if you’re hitched by your mid-twenties, you’re getting in early! There are exceptions, though – if you’re lucky enough to have met your true love at university, you may be headed for a post-grad wedding. If you’re getting married fairly soon after graduation (a June wedding, perhaps?), why not keep up the collegiate spirit with wedding invitations in your school colors?

Mix ‘n Match wedding invitations let you choose the colors of your choice, so you can be school-coordinated whether you’re representing the old blue and gold or spirited maroon and white. It’s a great way to commemorate the beginning of your relationship if the two of you met on campus.

Social butterfly types might be sending out wedding invitations to everyone from the members of your freshman dorm to your sorority sisters or extracurricular activity-mates, so make sure you have enough invitations for everyone! When it comes down to whittling your invite list down to the very basics, try and look objectively at the list – do you need to invite everyone in your favorite sociology seminar, or just the one or two people you’d catch coffee with after? Unless you have an unlimited budget, try and focus on the friends that know you as a couple, or the people you’ve known for at least half of your college experience.

While you’re aiming for alumni pride, why not make the ultimate statement by getting married on campus? Sure, it may mean a few extra wedding invitations for the dean and president, but if you can swing it, renting out the stadium or the quad for the big ceremony could prove to be just the right venue for your ceremony. If you attended an older school with a chapel on the grounds, even better!

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