Save Time With Pre-Printed Wedding Party Invitations

You know you can get your wedding invitations pre-printed for maximum convenience, but did you know that MyGatsby also features a variety of pre-printed party invitations as well?

If you’re pressed for time or simply like to make everything as simple as possible, order your wedding party invitations already printed so you can simply address the envelopes and then get everything mailed out. Planning way ahead means you can order your wedding invitations and engagement party invitations at the same time, and sending them out that early means you can probably even skip the Save the Dates!

Your bridal party can be directed to invitations like the Bouquet Bride Invitations or the Girls Night Limo Invite when they’re ready to schedule and send out invites to your bridal shower (traditionally hosted by the mother of the bride) or your bachelorette party (often held by the maid of honor). You may not be able to convince them to help you address all your wedding invitations, but at least these events are entirely in their hands.

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