Proof Positive That You’ll Get The Perfect Wedding Invitations

Following up on our post on “Five Reasons To Order Sample Wedding Invitations”, we’d also like to make a case for the proof, a trial impression, as of composed type, taken to correct errors and make alterations (via, and in this case, an emailed, faxed, or physical sample of what your finished invitation will look like.

Like printing out the first draft of a letter or essay, a proof lets you see what your wedding invitations will look like with an actual physical copy in front of you – after all, how many times have you looked over an important paper in a Word document only to print it out and find one last annoying typo that you just kept missing? When you’ve printed out your emailed proof or received it in the mail, you get that chance to go over it with a red pen. And really, it wouldn’t hurt to check just one last time that your fiance’s mother’s name is spelled correctly.

In a time crunch to get your wedding invitations ready? Don’t worry; ordering a proof before you finalize your invitations only adds an additional 3-5 days to your order, and it saves you more in ultimate peace of mind. You can even pass around your proof to your bridesmaids for final approval, like a book proof gets a final check for typos and content.

Once you put the final signature on your proofs, you can sleep well, assured that the wedding invitations you approved will show up looking just as perfect as the proof did in your hands. Isn’t the sense of security worth it?

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