Patriotic Wedding Invitations for Independence Day

Whether you’re getting married on the Fourth of July or you just want to add a dash of red, white, and blue to your festivities, now is the time to let your patriotism show in your ceremony! Show your love with for the United States of America with anything from a flag-friendly wedding theme to the familiar trio of recognizable colors on your wedding decorations, wedding cake, or even on your wedding invitations!

You can choose the perfect combination of red, white, and blue with DIY wedding invitations, available in perfectly patriotic hues from light to dark to the particular shades that make up the American flag! This quirky approach to your wedding invitations will undoubtedly get people talking, and with the right three-layer panel invitation, it’ll be a great look, too.

Want something a little more subtle for your wedding invitations? Try adding Midori Ascot Ribbon in red and cream or navy and cream. A ribbon or two makes a clever accent for each invitation, and any extra can be wrapped around vases or used to hold together small bouquets of red, white, and dyed blue carnations!

If you’re serious about your theme, you can even include a note with your wedding invitations requesting that your guests choose ensembles favoring red, white, and blue. With that clever color scheme, you can simply throw silver confetti stars over each table and get ready for some truly fantastic wedding pictures.

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