My Own Gatsby: Your Personal Wedding Invitations Concierge

It’s like a personal shopper, only absolutely free! Imagine running from stationery shop to stationery shop, from Hallmark to high-class paperie. You couldn’t keep all those different options in your head, and without samples to see and remind you, it would be nearly impossible to recall what you’d seen with all the options there are. You’d need a personal assistant with you just to keep track! has already solved all your problems in relation to skipping from shop to shop, but that’s not all. With a free My Own Gatsby account, you’ll have that personal assistant, too! With My Own Gatsby, you can find what you like and then easily save it to a personalized folder that remembers and shows you invitations you’ve saved, so you’ll all your favorite selections with one click of the mouse. It’s like a sizable wedding invitations retailer that caters exclusively to you!

You’re a busy bride-to-be, and you shouldn’t have to spend ages tracking and saving wedding invitations to your favorites, accidentally closing windows before you’ve noted the address. Why shuffle through pages and pages when you want to show your maid of honor the invitations you like? Now that information is right at your fingertips & all you have to do is log in, and there it is waiting for you.

Want to share your selections? You can easily forward your favorite wedding invitations to your friends and family and get their opinions, too! If you can’t have your bridesmaids crowd into the room with you, you can see what they think simply by clicking the send email link. It’s like having the most important members of your wedding party along for the ride with you, and they don’t even have to be there.

Create an account today, and see what we can do for you!

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