Have Some Fun With Polka Dot Wedding Invitations

Why not get a little whimsical with your wedding stationery? From the wedding invitations to the thank you notes, we’re big proponents of doing something a little different. While it’s classic to stick with one color scheme for all of your wedding correspondence, you can also step outside the box by going with a unifying design theme instead of just a few colors. So for your wedding invitations, consider going with the unexpected and fabulous fifties classic – polka dots!

As a wedding theme, polka dots are a cute, fun way to spice up your ceremony. Go all the way with a polka dotted sash for your wedding dress, or go for a little more subtlety with polka dotted wedding favors (i.e. a dotted ribbon around a bundle of candy) or even a polka dotted wedding cake! You can add a little fun without going overboard, too, with a more subdued polka dot look, like the polka dots on the edge of these Isabella Wedding Invitations.

We love the white polka dots on pink look too.  Unless you’re looking to make a real statement with your wedding decor, it’s best to stick with paler colors when you’re going with a pattern. You can also consider single-color wedding invitations accented with polka dotted ribbon.

Once the ceremony’s passed, you can still keep up your polka dot theme & you might even get a little wilder with your color scheme with these Pink Bubbles Fold Notes. There’s more room for whimsicality with thank you cards, since they don’t necessarily need to have the same formality of wedding invitations. We love the color scheme of these, too.

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