A Brand New Shape For Your Wedding Invitations

It’s time to break out of the box! The seemingly eternal tyranny of rectangular wedding invitations, only occasionally broken up by a daring square or two, has finally been overtaken by the latest and greatest trend in the world of wedding invitations: the circle!

Well, not precisely just the circle. Ovals are making waves, too, making this the year of the one-sided wedding invitation! MyGatsby’s Mix ‘n Match wedding invitations are available in these shapes, allowing you to customize not just the shape of your wedding invitations, but the colors, too. This way you can subdue the spirit of your oval invitations with sober dark colors or increase the fun with a wild juxtaposition of your favorite bright shades. Just be careful of getting too pastel – you don’t want your wedding invitations confused with invites to an Easter egg hunt!

Keep it simple with wedding invitations shaped like basic circles or elegant ovals. Since these come in sets with everything you need to get people to your wedding, you can continue the clever theme with RSVP cards and reception cards in increasingly smaller circles for an unexpectedly amusing effect, just the right thing to bring some humor to your wedding invitations!

Add an additional dose of whimsy with these 5×5 Multi Panel Circle Wedding Invitations – each has a hole punched through the top so you can thread them together with the ribbon of your choice. We have a particular fondness for the metallic sparkle of the twinkle ribbon in contrasting or matching shades for an extra kick of color.

But we know it might be difficult to ease into this new trend, so if you’re leery about committing then go halfway with 5×5 Circle Panel Wedding Invitations. You can work this look with an oval foreground on a rectangular backing layer, so your wedding invitations will still have a unique look without breaking all the way out of the box.

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