Wraps and Folders

Wraps and folders are a simple way to add class and beauty to your wedding invitations, not to mention convenient to hold all of your accessory pieces too. When choosing a wrap, consider one that is colored, sheer or both, and even the option of adding a ribbon. Mix and match colors to make sure it fits your wedding colors and themes. Folders are also a way to add dimension. Folios with sheer or solid color ribbon are perfect for adding an unexpected element to your wedding invitations.
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  • Presentation Wedding Invitations

    Presentation Wedding Invitations

    As low as $2.04/ card
  • Vertical Folio Pocket Invitations

    Vertical Folio Pocket Invitations

    As low as $2.71/ card
    Classic Ecru Backer, Chocolate Print Layer, Gold Thermo  Ink - Hot Pink Folio Chocolate Backer, Pearl Coco Print Layer, Espresso Thermo Ink - Apple Green Folio Razzle Berry Backer, Classic Metallic White Print layer, Navy Thermo Ink - Silver Folio
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  • 5 x 5 Wedding Bloom Wedding Invitations

    5 x 5 Wedding Bloom Wedding Invitations

    As low as $2.95/ card
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