Floral & Garden Wedding Invitations

Floral patterns are a great way to incorporate the season’s beauty into the exciting celebration of your wedding. Our floral collection features an elegant array of petal-adorned invitations that have an elegant feel with soft bouquets, neutral colors. Others boast bright, vibrant colors, for a more whimsical and fun look.

Floral themed wedding invitations are versatile, can fit any type of wedding, and are the perfect way to invite your guests to be a part of your big day. The natural beauty of the outdoors inspire our garden themed wedding invitations. With blooming flowers and elegant winding vines, these unique designs add a sophisticated touch to your wedding.

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  • Embossed Elegance White Wedding Invitations

    Embossed Elegance Wedding Invitations

    As low as $1.59/ card
    White Card, Black Bow, Black Ink Image Layer Only, Purple Ribbon, Black Thermo Ink Image Layer Only, Chocolate Ribbon, Brown Thermo Ink
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  • Small Embossed Roses White Wedding Invitations

    Small Embossed Roses Wedding Invitations - LIMITED STOCK ON HAND

    As low as $0.80/ card
  • Playful Daisies Pearl Wedding Invitations

    Playful Daisies Wedding Invitations

    As low as $1.39/ card
Set Descending Direction