Classic Wedding Invitations

Our classic invitations are perfect for brides looking for quality invitations without the high price, and will set the stage for the elegant wedding to come.

Featuring accents like ribbon, print layers, embossed monogram, colored borders, and even tri-folding styles, you can personalize your invitations with the colors and style that you want.

While some brides prefer to have only a few classic colors like ecru and neutrals, others like to have fun with it and play with color! Soft blues, yellows, and even grays act as subtle accents to create a timeless feel without sacrificing its elegance.

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  • Gloriously Noteable Wedding Invitations

    Gloriously Noteable Wedding Invitations

    As low as $2.69/ card
    Crane Pearl White, Gold and Cherry Letterpress Ink Crane Pearl White, Plum and Gold Letterpress Ink Crane Pearl White, Hunter and Silver Letterpress Ink
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  • Delightful Design Wedding Invitations

    Delightful Design Wedding Invitations

    As low as $2.69/ card
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