What is Assembly?

We offer assembly of most invitations that are layered or that have embellishments (for example the Versailles or Victoria Damask invitations). Assembly means that we will adhere each layer of the invitation together or tie any bows or ribbons. If you order a Pocket or Bloom, all of your layers will be mounted directly onto the Pocket or Bloom, unless otherwise specified. If you order an invitation with ribbon, your ribbon will be cut and attached to your invitation. Assembly does not include inserting your invitation and accessory cards directly into your envelopes.

We do not assemble any accessories such as seals, etc. If you are assembling yourself, we recommend a strong, thin double sided adhesive to attach the different layers of the invitations. Please DO NOT use any type of "wet" glue, since you don't want the cardstocks getting damp or wet which can lead to wrinkling and/or buckling, and in some cases we have found with rubber-cement glue, the actual letters falling off your invitation!

The Glam Wedding Invitation

You are into all things “fabulous.” Flashy, sexy and all-out glam are what you’re looking for. Dramatic wedding invitations will help ensure a mood that’s anything but dull. It’s party time! Here are just a few of the glamorous wedding invitation options available to you:

Prestige Wedding Invitations

Lucky in Love Wedding Invitations

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Setting a Celebratory Tone

Glamorous brides are not afraid to sparkle. If you’re planning on wearing that signature red lipstick, those favorite stiletto heels, or that shimmering tiara, why not invite your guests in a way that’s just a fearless as you? Start with a sensational wedding invitation, and let all the glamorous details follow in its fabulous footsteps. Use fun, fearless wording on your invitations, add all the festive sparkle you want, and create a mood that will prepare your guests for the party of their lives. And don’t be shy…this truly is your day to SHINE!