New wedding invitation designs

Promotions: November Sale on Wedding Invitations

It’s official!  This November, save up to $75 on elegant wedding invitations from The American Wedding!  We’re not stopping there.  This sale is sitewide!  Whether you’re looking for Save the Date Cards or shopping for accessories like custom napkins and/or matching plastic cups for your cocktail hour, we’ve got you covered. Here are the coupon
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Trend: Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

As a bride, you’ll spend lots of time taste testing, researching, and designing the perfect cake. Why not add something extra special to the top? Couples have become increasingly adventurous when it comes to their wedding decor, and wedding cake toppers are no exception. Styles for cake toppers usually reflect the bride and groom’s personalities and
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Rings: Best Alternatives for Your Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings

For those who are a little quirky or on the offbeat side, you might be wondering what options for wedding rings there are for you that will allow you to steer away from the conventional diamond wedding rings. Let’s face it, doing things the non-conventional way can be more fun right? Well you’re in luck!
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Etiquette: Thanking Etiquette for Your Wedding

Thank You Note

Though justified for being the center of attention at your wedding, you still can’t forget to express gratitude to everyone who has given you so much on your special day. Some brides enter in a “bridezilla” mentality and find themselves consumed by expectations of being showered with gifts while giving nothing in return. However, I
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Planning: Save the Date Cards

Every bride has probably heard the phrase of save the date cards. But what are they and why do you need them? Here we have some quick and easy facts on this one wedding terminology. What Is a Save the Date Card? These are cards sent out to all of your wedding guests in order
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Advice: 5 Ways to Losing Weight for Your Wedding

Waist Measurement

Your wedding day is fast approaching, and you find yourself stressing out about looking your best in your wedding gown. Every woman wants to be able to look back on her wedding photos remembering how great she looked on that special night. While crash dieting may be temporarily effective, here we have some key tips
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