New wedding invitation designs

Stationery: What to Look For in a Wedding Invitation Vendor


Saying that your wedding day is a special day is the understatement of the century. For most people, it’s literally the most important day of their lives—an event they’ve been planning, fantasizing about, and dreaming of since they were little children. It’s not hard to understand why it’s so important that absolutely every detail be
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Time for Romance: Getting the Most out of Your Honeymoon

Wedding Photographer

Ah, the honeymoon – such bliss!  All of the wedding planning and functions are finally behind you, the wedding day has come and gone, and now it’s time for your own personal celebration of your union.  Planning and picking the perfect honeymoon can be a little overwhelming, though, and sometimes it’s nice to have some
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Planning: The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Planning


Weddings are meant to be these beautiful, fondly memorable events that carry a deep message of love and new beginnings.  For the wedding couple, and those helping to bring it all together, it’s sometimes hard to really get in touch with the deeper aspect of the ceremony due to the stressful nature of all of
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Girls’ Night Out: Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Wedding Colors: Berry Tones

There are all kinds of celebrations that revolve around weddings, but for a bride nothing is more thrilling and memorable than her bachelorette party.  Bridal showers and engagement parties tend to be on the more formal side, but the bachelorette party provides the perfect opportunity to release all of that pent up pre-wedding energy.  It’s
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Ceremony: The Top 5 Picks for Destination Weddings


Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting experiences that any couple will get to have.  The wedding itself will be an event that will hopefully remain a once in a lifetime experience, so of course everyone wants the big day to be as special and unique as possible.  Plenty of people opt for
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Advice: The Top 5 Tips for Mailing Wedding Invitations

Shot Glass Wedding Favor

One of the most time-consuming parts of a wedding involves assembling and mailing out the wedding invitations.  Typically, wedding invitations feature multiple cards, including the actual invitation, plus inserts for the reception, and even maps.  Once you have everything put together, beautifully addressed with calligraphy, and ready to go, you may think the hard work
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