Wedding Invitations

American Wedding: A Chance of a Lifetime


  The secret will be out soon! There will be a familiar face on national television this February. The American Wedding will be featured on The Balancing Act, a television program on the Lifetime Network.   The Balancing Act is a talk show that has all range of subjects. We are excited to be featured
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Wedding Invitations: Wedding Invitations for the Church Wedding

In this day and age, people get married everywhere from backyards and beaches to Vegas drive-thrus or even just the local city hall. There’s still something to be said for the traditional church wedding, though, whether you’re religious and holding a specific type of ceremony (a Catholic wedding, for example), or you just want to
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Wedding Invitations: How To Make Your Wedding Invitations Look Expensive

Just because you have a limited budget for your wedding invitations, it doesn’t mean they have to look it! Handmade engraved invitations might be outside your budgetary constraints, but you can easily imitate some of the richness that goes along with pricey wedding invitations with these tips. Thermography: Sure, engraved wedding invitations might be in
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Wedding Invitations: Always Order Proofs and Make a Sample

Many, if not all, companies that provide stationery services will offer samples and proofs, usually for a fee. This may seem like an unnecessary step and expense. All printers will have different ideas of shades of colors and ways to describe textures. There are some very good reasons to always order samples and do trial
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Wedding Invitations: Wedding Invitations for the New Backyard Weddings

Backyard weddings don’t mean what they used to! Gone are the days of low-class gatherings in suburban backyards with barbequed hamburgers as the wedding feast. Backyard no longer necessarily has to mean your very own backyard – if you’re seriously considering a backyard wedding, you’ve probably got a place in mind. Whether it’s the rose
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Wedding Invitations: Wedding Invitations Over Time

If you think the art of sending wedding invitations is complicated now, take a peek at some ancient and cultural rituals surrounding the practice. Beginning in the 12th century, there were no written wedding invitations, so people had to get creative. Town criers functioned as olden day news reporters, orally broadcasting the joyful news of
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