Wedding Etiquette: Wedding Invitation Do’s & Don’ts


Your Custom Wedding Invitation is the first introduction to your wedding’s personal style and what they can expect to see on your big day. Once you’ve chosen your colors, paper, font, printing option (we can’t get enough of these elegant Thermography Wedding Invitations) you’re only half way finished. It’s easy to get tied up with
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Wedding Trend: 5 Unique Ideas For Your Something Blue

Hidden Heart

We all know the traditional wedding saying but just in case you needed a refresher it goes a little something like this… “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” A timeless rhyme that our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends have been practicing for years. The first three “somethings” are pretty easy to incorporate, but that
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Wedding Etiquette: How to Word Wedding Invitations


Planning your wedding can be stressful but most of all, it should be fun! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the smaller details, booking venues and working through budgets, etc., so we’ve put together some wedding invitation etiquette tips to help you enjoy the wedding planning process. First things first; who is hosting? The answer to that question
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Cake: The Tradition of Cake Cutting

tradition cake cutting

A wedding night isn’t complete without the bride and groom cutting a piece of cake together, right? But have you ever stopped to wonder how this tradition started and if you have to follow it? The wedding cake is usually served at the wedding reception after everyone is finished with dinner.  It was originally created
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Traditions: Wedding Traditions and Superstitions – Part 2

History of Wedding Favors Wedding favors have become an important part of marriage celebrations around the world. The tradition dates back thousands of years. Favors were given to guests in appreciation for sharing in the newlyweds’ special day. Wedding favors are as diverse as the cultures surrounding them and the different cultures have different favors.
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Traditions: The Newlywed Shower

A once long standing tradition that seems to be fading fast, is the shower of rice over the newlywed couple. Rice is a symbol of abundance and fertility. It also represents prosperity and good fortune. Traditionally, this shower was done after the reception, once the bride and groom had changed into their “going away” attire,
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The Bride: Sweets for the Sweet

Here is an ideal and fun way for any bride to convey her affection for her attendants. Spend an afternoon with “just the girls” and let them know how much you appreciate their participation in your wedding plans. In the early twentieth century a different type of party gained popularity — it was called the
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Traditions: Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

May Suggest Custom Wedding Invitations Too Choosing to personalize your wedding vows by writing some or all of what will be spoken can be extremely important and meaningful—certainly more important than the cake you choose, the dress you will wear, the photographer you select or any of the other decisions you will have to make
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Traditions: Wedding History

Matrimony has existed since ancient times, in different forms which reflect the customs and values of different societies. The Sumerians, the Assyrians and the Babylonians saw marriage solely for economic and social reasons. In Ancient Rome marriage was seen as a form of social climbing to pass from one castle to another, and was also
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