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Spring Wedding Inspiration: Yellow and Gray

spring wedding inspration

Spring is so close that I can almost smell the flowers in the air – so why not celebrate the season with a touch of sunshiny yellow and soothing gray for your wedding? When Pantone released their picks for the 2014 color palette, they included Freesia (yellow) and Paloma (gray) and why wouldn’t they? Modern
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Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

pantone orchid

Last year, Pantone announced that the color of 2013 was emerald, as it represented “growth, renewal and prosperity” in a tough economic time. This year’s choice, Radiant Orchid, is on the other side of the color wheel and intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination, along with symbolizing creativity and originality. This year, we will
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Winter Wedding Floral Trends: Embellished Bouquets

winter floral

One of the essentials for a bride walk down the aisle is to have a bouquet in tow. Traditionally, these bouquets were made of roses, baby breath flowers, and leaves. This season, however, brides who are planning a winter wedding are adding a whole new twist to their bouquets. Feathers: Since this season is all
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